Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Short Break @ New Year

Wow wow wow
It's 2011 now
Brand new year with brand new hope ya

Where have you guys been during the short break?
Travel or shopping for cny preparation?

For me, i went to a small place
Not a city, consider as kampung or a small town
Yong Peng
I used to visit there before i started to work
It's a small town with lotsa delicious food ^^

The reason i went back to YP is to attend
Amber & Romeo's wedding

Their wedding is on 01-01-2011
First day of year 2011
What a meaningful day

18 of us be Amber's "jimui"
Such a crowd huh
But that's aint the attraction
the main attraction is all of us have to wear floral dress =p
I love flowers~~

Another attraction?

There's two bride on that day
From the left,
The real bride and the fake one
He's to trick the bridegroom

The Bridal car
Romeo ❤ Amber

Here comes the bridegroom

With 8/9 White Alphard
So cool~~

Jimui blocking the bridegroom n brothers from entering the house
They need to give us angpao
Rm1.1k for 18 of us
Hiak hiak hiak =p
they entered the house
Where's the bridegroom??
(Actually bridegroom was hide in another room XD )

Then who's the one in Amber's room?

Oh my god!!
All of us laugh like hell when this scene appeared

After all those crap,
Time to head to Batu Pahat as the guy is from there

We got ourselves another angpow

This will happen everytime in a wedding
For those who haven't get married,
It's time to catch the flower!
So that u will get the blessing from the newly wed couple
And will get married as soon as possible

Who got the flower at last?
She's the one who got the flowers =p

=Wedding dinner Session=

Had some changes to my hair
Look soooo mature

Dinner held at Grand Sea View Restaurant
Kinda grand n classy restaurant

The view from our table
Members who sitting in the same table

The bride and bridegroom
Amber looked gorgeous that night =)
While waitng for the food to be serve,
All of us keep snaping photos around
With frienzz

Cute Cindy =P

Brothers and sisters
When the dinner ends,
do you think everyone will go home after home?
Of course not!
All of us headed to club afte the dinner
Oh gosh
Whole day is full of activities
Excited and exhausted!

Here are some random photos that night

The bridegroom in green =)

Get caught for drinking? =P

Dance dance dance~~

Let's get high!

that's the new year which i had
a joyful one ^^
It helped me to relax myself
I'm lovin it!

For further photos please refer to my fb album..