Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Waited for so long
Finally here comes the
2nd International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
located at Putrajaya

Oh my oh my oh my

Crave to go there since last year
Thanks to my dear
he brought me to Putrajaya this time!

But look at the sky
Aww...it seems to be raining soon
I prayed hard to God
"Please don't let it rain..i want to see hot air balloon"

Sounds silly but it really work

Yes!I was so excited when i saw this bridge
It mean i had finally reached the destination
Took a few photos
the design of the bridge is very unique

reached Putrajaya Presint 2 almost 5pm

Hot Air Balloon~!!
I'm coming~~

Guess what
There were so many cars
all headed to the same location
caused traffic jam =(
People from all around KL visited that place
The main attraction

Had a quick look on the event map
Then quickly dragged my dear to the take off site

Everyone was waiting patiently
Well i have to say
This event attracted many photographers
Everyone was holding their dslr
While im just holding the small lil Canon Ixus 110S
Should have bring along my baby dslr too =(

Here come's the first hot air balloon
Cameras up when balloon up

The other one
first to take off ^^
Participant from Japan!

Curious about this yellow one
What will that be?

It's a lion from France
Aww~~uber cute lion!

And so it goes..
Goodbye cute lion~
Everyone is waving to the participant
How nice ^^

Back to the ground
More n more hot air balloons were coming up
Cameras keep on flashing around

Now the sky is full with hot air balloon

Another cute one
From Belgium

From Poland

Love from Switzerland =)


The weather is so hot due to the crowd
So i had my hair tied up
how was it? =p

Back to topic,
This is cool
Have u seen this before?
Levi's Hot Air Balloon

This one dunno why can't fly up to the sky
Just up n down..up n down

By the way, i enjoyed alot that day
saw hot air balloon first time in my life
hope you guys enjoy with my photos
will upload the rest in my fb acc

Monday, March 29, 2010

Make Up, Best Friend of Women!

Watch this video!
Girls with a normal look..small eyes
can turn to a pretty hot chic with big eyes o.O!

Different people will have different perspective
Some will feel respect for the girls who r so good in make up
but mostly will criticize them
This is what i saw

" Wow..next time not to hunt chic in club..."
"omfg..they look totally different!"
"aww..there's no more natural beauty in this world"
" No more pretty girls in this world because they are getting better in make up and made them look like two different person"
"Her face is so big! but now look so thin..omg"

Tons n tons of criticism
How come no one see this in other perspective
the good one i mean
Girls work so hard to learn make up
just to make themselves look better!

Here's some photos that i found from website
The before make up and after pic

Photos of the Star

Jessica Alba

Angelina Jolie

Kim Kardashian

Nicole Richie

What's ur opinion after seeing those photos?

Thanks to make up,
it really build up girls' self-confident!
I started to learn make up since a year ago
yet my skill still sucks
I have to admit
make up is really a woman's best friend
I have more confident towards myself after make up

Girls who lack of self-confident should give a try on this! ^^

Well people outside
don't criticize anymore
In contrast, give more compliments to them

Show u guys my photos as well
pls prepare a plastic bag
just in case you'll vomit later

Much difference? =D