Saturday, August 20, 2011

Floating Market!

Dear Readers
As promised earlier,
Here's my post of Floating Market!
Sorry to keep you guys waiting for so long
It's gonna be a lengthy post as well
It's all about F.O.O.D

Hatyai's Floating Market
named as Khong Hae Floating Market
or KlongHae Floating Market
It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hatyai

Because it's a place where you can find all the Local Thai Food
in a very very cheap price
Price from 20baht to 35baht

Finally we're on our destination
Floating Market!
Quite excited actually
Hatyai's Floating market is different from the one in Bangkok
This floating market is not the typical one

From this pic
the boats are actually dock by the river

The crowd is getting more and more when it's evening
People hunts for their food
just like us
You will spend for 30-45minutes before you heading to the seated area
because there are sooo many boats that selling local Thai Food

First stall which caught my attention
I was actually attracted by the colourful desserts
It looks tasty
First try!
i thought it's a cold dessert
But it's not
It's Coconut milk with jellies in it
i would have rate it for 3/5

Another attraction in Floating Market
The bowl and cups for drinks are made of clay
You can bring it home after you finish the food or drinks =)

See that?
That's Ultraman and Doraemon
It's only 20-25baht
With drinks in it^^
Creative isn't it?

Of course
If you doesn't like those clay containers
You may choose a bamboo one!
Just like my BF

For me,
I choose Hello Kitty!
A cute one^^
I brought home as a souvenir for myself
I don't think we can get it in Malaysia
Back to the food!
Let the pics do the talk

This it the stall which i'll recommend
I noticed that lotsa people was queuing there
So, i've decided to give a try!
it's superb nice!
It didn't disappoint me =D

Chicken soup noodles!
Rate it 4.5/5
Next stop,
Can't resist of it
Though we are able to get this in Malaysia
I still bought myself a cheese sausage

Spicy local Thai Food

Highly recommended!
I'm lovin it~~~
What is it??
Come closer and see...
Still don't get it??
Jiang jiang~
Sausage with bread!
You guys will think that it's the normal bread with sausage?
It's way to far to imagine how delicious is that
They rolled the sausage with the bread
Dip it with egg
and fry it....
The golden crispy bread with mayonnaise and chili sauce on top of it
First bite,
You may feel the crispy crust
Later part, you may feel the softness of the bread
and then the yummy sausage
You'll definitely fall in love with it

Last but not least,
The only TomYam which i able to buy from there
5 out of 5!!! =P
They have their own secret paste which taste soooo good

There are many food stalls which i couldn't have test it all
because of my bloated stomach after the food as shown above
Are you hungry now?

Next post gonna be Thale Noi Wetlands
It's all about Lotus Flower =)
Stay tune!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Hatyai - Day 1 (Part I)

Hey readers,
i'm back again with mah new post
And yea,
it's about my company trip to Hatyai
Took this as a chance to travel with my BF =)
Our very first trip

Are you guys ready for this?
Here we go!
My 4days and 2 nights trip!
I was soooo excited
though we traveled there by bus
not by air plane
It's gonna be a long long journey...

Don't doubt it
I brought my lil bunny along! =P


All of us gathered at our company
Waiting for the bus to arrive

Wait..wait..and wait...
After a long wait for an hour plus
Finally the bus arrived!
Most of us rushed into the bus
Can u guy guess why??

To get a ideal seat in the bus!

People doesn't like to sit in the front/back row of the bus
Cos it'll get a lil bumpy when the bus is moving
People with motion sickness sure gonna suffer from that

I was able to get me and BF a middle seat!

3 of us ^^

Me with my bunny
Couldn't sleep without HER XD

Our journey starts...
Time flies
It's 12am
Bus driver stopped by the R&R
and dropped us for supper
Me and BF went for a walk
bought us a drink and sat in the playground

I couldn't sleep in the bus
Felt tired and sleepy all the way =.=
Our bus driver drove very fast
We reached the custom around 5 in early morning
guess what
We're the first 2 buses to arrive there!

Slept in the bus for an hour
and went through the Danok Custom
Got our passport stamped
and finally!
We're on the land of Thailand!

Before headed to Hatyai
We visited Khao Nam Khang
the Historical Tunnel
the tunnel located deep in the jungles of Khao Nam Khang National Park

Before we headed to the tunnel
We were briefed by the former communist soldier
He is 81years old and was a Malaysian
He told us the history of the man-made tunnel
The largest and longest man-made tunnel in Thailand
Some collection of the former communist soldier
Things they used during that time
You may saw many antiques
Radios..Oil lamps..Bottles..

Books which they used it to kill the time when in the tunnel

Metal boxes
For food storage
According to the former soldier
They hunt for prey and kept it inside the metal drum
Prey can last for 60years and will not decay
How brilliant were they huh

The Forest

Near the entrance there is a memorial
for the fallen soldiers
It's on the left hand side of the picture
I didn't capture any pic of it
Just to show some respect to them
Me and my lovely BF

We had to climb up the hill
before get to the tunnel
and yea,
it's 108 staircase which you have to climb!
Oh no~

Look at this
How steep is it
I breathe heavily while climbing up the stairs
As you know
i don't exercise

We made it!
We made to the top
On top of the hill
They had a big bomb crater

A Wedding Chapel's 5 stars okay
Me and BF get married there =P

They even had a basketball court there
all these facilities are hide in the deep forest where no one knows
Walking there around
You could imagine how they live there for years
How the communist soldiers fought and died in the same land
You should visit to this historical place
where there are not much changes over the years

We had reach the tunnel!

The tunnel which are 30Ft deep from surface
Built by 200 Chinese Communist Soldiers
It took 20years for them to complete the tunnel
A tunnel with 16 entrances

Man and women worked together to get it done

The place where they put the oil lamp
Oil lamp is their only lighting source
No electricity in the tunnel during that time

The tunnel has several rooms such as
conference room, sick bay, radio transmission room

and of course
a firing range
Cool right?

the last part of the tunnel ended with a very steep staircase way down
Felt scary while walking down the stairs
afraid of take a wrong step
and roll down from stairs
After visited the communist tunnel,
We headed to local products and souvenir shops
People started to spend alot there
While me and my dear
Just spent 200baht for the bird nest..
For your info,
Price for a bowl of bird nest in Hatyai is cheaper compare to this.
You can get a bowl of bird nest in Hatyai for only 100baht!
Lunch time!
We went to Hatyai town for lunch
Bf and I can't wait for it as this is our first meal in Thai style!
Because of giving too much of expectation,
I felt disappointed after reach the restaurant.
Simple dishes with no difference with Malay restaurant in Malaysia

They even taste nicer in Malaysia
Here comes the Tom Yam of Thai!
I'm gonna rate it
2 out of 5!!
Think they put too much of water
as you can see in the pic as shown below
Seafood tomyam
First taste is only spicy
What you can feel after taking the tomyam is burning lips!
Oh ya
something to share
The electricity wires in Hatyai is sooo terrible
Unlike Malaysia's one
Before we started to shop around Hatyai town,
we checked in to our Hotel
BP Grand Hotel
An old hotel with 4 stars if not mistaken
Look how excited is my BF

I've got the room key! ^^

The room..
Everything is in very old condition
not as comfortable as i imagine

Thailand is famous of their Tuk-Tuk
It only cost 20baht per person
and they will bring you to everywhere you wish to go
Shopping time!
Took a Tuk-tuk with colleagues to the big market
From tuk-tuk
you can notice the busy traffic of Hatyai
Us in the Tuk-tuk

The big market

Dear saw a cute scooter
and he liked it so much until he insist to take a pic with it =P

Colleagues bought alot of things there
Papaya soap, snacks, asam
and also the Zebrassss
Conclusion for this part
Never spend too much due to nothing to buy
I'm not until aunty level yet
My target is to spend on food and clothes

Stay tune for my next post
The Floating Market~!