Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Month of May

Time usually do flies in my world
In a blink of eye
it's already May
Think my busy busy job made my time passed fast
Faster than a rocket Orz

But now...
I feel like my time is getting slower and slower
Feel that i've spent 3hours sitting in front of my lappie
in fact..it's just an hour
Aikss...Funny huh

Bf sleep very very early today
Miss him sooo much even though he's just sleeping beside me
I've rely on him too much
couldn't imagine how my life gonna continue if he leaves me in one day
*Smack forehead*
Stop having negative thinking!

Well, i've abandoned my sweet blog for a month
Kinda miss this place actually..
Due to my busy life, i have no choice to abandon my bloggie
Here's some update about me
Kinda long post i think =P
*Better leave now if u hate to read lengthy post*

I'm currently busy with my job
and of course my love life =)
Bout my job...
It's getting more and more things for me to do
Met some ridiculuos people
who delegates all of her job to me
Nahh...Not the easy one
The job i received is always the most difficult to solve
and sometimes i have no idea how to solve it
Which brings me tons of pressure

My burden is getting heavier now
as the part i'm going to involve is getting wide
in other words,
Sometimes i have to do a few person's job
Now u guys understand why my time usually flies?

My body is so tired after work
and so as my mind
I do have headache quite often lately
Too much of stress i guess ><
Til now, it's 12am
I'm still stay up here and blogging
Guess i'll have insomnia later

Let's talk about my love life
which i never expose in any public before
*at least not in here*

Finally i've meet the Mr.Right of my life
What i'm telling here is true

Before i met him
i always have a perception that i'll never meet my Mr.Right
I was wrong =)
I found him...
Who belongs to me now and also in the future

He's the only person
who knows what comes in my mind
What i need
What i want
Sometimes i don't even have to speak it out
and he knows what am i thinking
I always do think that it's just a coincidence
But same situation happened for a time, twice
Until this happened for countless time
And now, i totally believe that it's true
not coincidence
It's fate maybe...
We are meant to be together =)

It's not easy to find a right person in your life
you gotta agree with this
Once you found, please cherish the right person all the time
Don't give up no matter what happen between you both
Same to me
I will always cherish my Mr.Right