Friday, May 28, 2010

Italy..I'm Coming!!


Finally, after a long wait
my dream trip to Italy is so near to me
I'm going to Italy tomorrow!


What's my mood now?
Extremely excited, joyful
can't wait for it anymore

I have to thanks to my dad ♥
He bought me a pair of converse shoe
just for this trip
He wants me to wear comfortable shoes to trip
This is his first time offering himself to buy my shoes sweet ^^

Thank you daddy~

Another thanks to my Mom ♥
She helped me and daddy to pack our luggage
A big hug to both of them ^^

Here I come~~~~

Hey peeps,
i'll be back on 7th of June
Miss you guys
Chuu ♥

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Someone Kidnapped Shrek?!

Someone kidnapped Shrek?

Oh no~

Who did it?

Everyone sure get shock once you see the title above
Shrek was kidnapped by Kidnapper

I went to watch Shrek: The Final Chapter and Kidnapper
Here's some review for both movie

Shrek: The Final Chapter
Rate: 10/10

Shrek and Fiona have 3 kids
They live happily
But when time passed
Shrek become fed up of his life
the same daily routine
take care of the kids and family
Don't have time to do things that he likes
He wish thing to be the same like before he met Fiona

So, he signed the contract with Rumpelstiltskin
The bad guy in this movie
Shrek can have days like before back
In terms, Rumpelstiltskin have to take one day in Shrek's life
and he took away the day when Shrek was born

Things changed after that

No more 3 kids
No one rescue Fiona from the dragon Tower
Fiona, donkey and Puss don't know who is Shrek

Puss, the cat that good in fighting
become a big, fat, tammed cat

Another thing about Puss,
This expression appear again in this final chapter
Aww...this will always work
So cute~ =p

How Shrek gonna change thing back to normal?
How Shrek work it out just to get Fiona's kiss?
The true love kiss...

Go to cinema and watch it!
I strongly recommend you guys to watch this
It's damn funny
Though this is the final chapter
But it's the best among the whole series

A Singapore movie
Rate: 7/10

The cast

A small boy named Wei Siang was kidnapped by someone (Jack Lim)
The kidnapper asks for a big amount of money
He thinks Wei Siang is from a wealthy family
Who knows
He kidnap the wrong person
Wei Siang's father(Christopher Lee) is only a cab driver

Wei Siang's father sell out his house for cash
He even sell his kidney
just to get the amount of money to save his son
The cold blooded kidnapper will not let go Wei Siang
because of shortage of the amount of money
He tortures Wei Siang until the father gets enough money

Well, i have to say
Story line is not bad
it just lack of some action scene
Overall still ok
It shows the great love of parent towards their kid
They can do anything for their child
That's the touching part

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I want to watch TOY STORY 3 !!

Finally, after a long wait
Toy Story 3 is back!

i'm a huge fans towards cartoon
and Toy Story definitely is one of my favourite movie!

and special thanks to Nuffnang,
50 of nuffnangers with partners are given the chance
to watch toy story 3

so excited when get to know this good news

Here's a little of the synopsis
Andy finally grown up
from a small little kid to a teenager
who is ready for his college
Here comes another challenge
for Woody, Buzz and the gang
Want to know more about this?
Go and watch it in cinema when it release

In Toy Story,
Woody and Buzz
catched my attention
Both of them are so cute
I think they are most people's favourite character
Main character in Toy Story series

But now?
What's the new attraction of Toy Story 3?

"Ladies and gentlemen"
Here we welcome the new characters!

But but but but~
Peas-in-a-pod is my favourite new toy

You must be wonder why

Let me tell you then ^^
Don't you think peas-in-a-pod is cute?
i love the cute expression of each of the peas
I wonder how they walk in Toy Story 3
Will it be 3 of them pop out from the pod?
like this?

I'm looking forward for peas-in-a-pod

Hey peeps,
remember to watch it in cinema
Don't buy DVD from pasar malam

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interview interview

As you can see,
my blog is dead for so long
A week i think

I miss my bloggie so much

Actually i'm suppose to enjoy my holiday first
before i get myself a new job
But, i had few calls for interview
Good news huh?
I had few calls but i just went for one interview last Wednesday
In the case, i don't have much time for interview now

I applied for the Management Trainee
From what my friend told me about this position
Rotate to all department every single month for 12months
After 12months,
choose the department that suits you the most
So, i expect this company will be the same

Date: 20th of May, 2010
Time: 11.30am
Venue: X-treme Dimensions Sdn Bhd

The company is located at Menara Yayasan
right beside Amcorp Mall
very easy to look for it
This is the building
I was half an hour earlier
Now i realize that i always reach half an hour earlier for interview
What a good habit

Went in the lift
9th Floor~
Once i stepped in the company
i was shocked
i was like in a club


They turned on the speaker loudly just like in club
and i heard latest english songs
i even heard pitbull's song
First time i saw a company in this kind of condition

Their application form

How was my interview that day?
I can say.. EXCELLENT!
i wasn't nervous at all
Maybe need to thanks to the director, Tim
it's like talking to a friend rather than an interview
no stress, no nervous at all
i had confident during that interview

He said he has to shortlist the candidates first
then will give me a call for the 2nd interview
if i am chosen
i was a bit disappointed for the company
Their management trainee is to do sales
have to involve in sales and marketing
as their company is a outsourcing company
After a certain period then only will promote u to the management team

My main point to apply for Management Trainee
ain't not only involve in sales and marketing
but all different department

Oh ya,
a good news to share with my readers
I was shortlisted for the 2nd interview

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Outing With Cousin

it's been a while i never hang out
neither cousins nor friends
Finally, i had the chance to hang out with my cousin
Felt great and excited towards that day

I went back to my hometown, Seremban
and met her at Jusco Seremban2
A place that i don't like to go
But that's the only place that i can get my things from
Seriously, i don't like Jusco
Such a boring place to hang out

Walked around Jusco
tried to find the thing which i want to give to my mom
as Mother's Day present
Tehee =D

Those who read my blog
surely will know what i bought for my mom
If you have no idea
Kindly read this post *wink*
Mother's Day

After bought thing that i want
Me and my cousin went to have our lunch
Hungry hungry...
Due to other restaurant were full of people
We choosed this!
Similar to KimGary

The menu

My favourite drink
Honey lemon

Chicken cheese baked rice

Look at the cheese it =D
Looks delicious huh?
i felt disappointed after tasted it
not that tasty as its appearance
I still prefer KimGary

Ladies and gentleman,
here I introduce you my cousin!
Pretty girl
Hiak hiak hiak =p

Although it's tiring to hang out
i enjoyed a lot that day
Thanks to my cousin who willing to accompany me
I really miss the moment hang out with relatives
Awww..where are the rest of them?
Find me when you're free ya!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sea Monster, do you believe it?

There's a lot of hidden, unknown creature exist among us
We heard many claims from witnesses from many places
they actually seen something unknown
or we can name this as legendary creature
But when legendary VS science
Do you believe it is true?

i would like to share about a legendary creature
Some of you might wondering
What is Plesiosaurs?

Plesiosaurs are prehistoric sea creature in Jurrasic Period
they have a long neck
【possibly around 20feet】
2 pairs of flippers
and a tail
【around 3 feet】
as shown on the pic above

Science stated that
This creature extinct million years ago
Yet, we still get claims
that they have actually seen something similar to this alive

Is this real?
Will you believe it?

Well back to year 1925,
a strange sea creature washed ashore on a beach two miles north of Santa Cruz
Though the dead body was decomposed
scientists including E.L. Wallace
a former president of the Natural History Society of British Columbia
did not think the carcass was that of a whale or shark
Wallace even suggested that the animal might be a plesiosaurus
a large marine reptile held over from the Jurassic period

Picture taken during that time

In year 1977,
A carcass was found by the japanese fishing trawler,
Zuiyo Maru

Look at the picture below
We saw a long neck and flippers
As reported by the crew,
the corpse weighted 1800kg and 10feet long!
it had one and a half meter long neck
four large, reddish fins
and a tail about two meters long

quite similar to Plesiosaurs huh?

Another place which is famous of this legendary creature
LochNess of Scottish Highland
Loch Ness Monster, a myth
Many people there claimed that they've seen the sea monster
with long neck

They captured many photos of the sea monster
many of it are hoax
yet, some are real
Will it be another Plesiosaur?

After all these,
Do you think Plesiosaurs still alive out there?
Till today,
arguments still continue...