Monday, July 18, 2011


Sick of this kind of life
I think all of us have to attend for the EQ Management course
In fact everyone in the world needs this
Who dare to admit that you yourself have a very high EQ?
I admit....that i have such a low EQ
But, i'm still learning how to mange my own EQ

There are billions of people in the earth
How many people will you meet in every single day?
How you gonna deal with them?
Those with vary characters, personalities or
even from different culture, background...
Whoever with a lower EQ will find very hard to deal with them
They couldn't control their emotional side
Anger especially...

Me, a peace lover
really hate of life which full of arguments
If one day you found me arguing with someone
There must be problems occurred
A Peace lover will not look for fight and arguments
They will try to tolerate for the first time
2nd time, third time, until countless time
Til the peace lover couldn't bear it anymore

Is this count as the peace lover has failed in her EQ Test?
Well, for me
It's a yes!
A person which has a higher EQ
will always good in managing his emotion
No matter how things happen around him

For guys,
I'm sure most of them for sure will fail for the EQ Test
In order to achieve a higher level of EQ
We must firstly put aside all those bias
But, who is able to do this?
No one i think....

When can i get back the peace?
Just wish that someone could stop now....
Give and take...
Then peace will back to me again
Cheers =)

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