Saturday, August 20, 2011

Floating Market!

Dear Readers
As promised earlier,
Here's my post of Floating Market!
Sorry to keep you guys waiting for so long
It's gonna be a lengthy post as well
It's all about F.O.O.D

Hatyai's Floating Market
named as Khong Hae Floating Market
or KlongHae Floating Market
It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hatyai

Because it's a place where you can find all the Local Thai Food
in a very very cheap price
Price from 20baht to 35baht

Finally we're on our destination
Floating Market!
Quite excited actually
Hatyai's Floating market is different from the one in Bangkok
This floating market is not the typical one

From this pic
the boats are actually dock by the river

The crowd is getting more and more when it's evening
People hunts for their food
just like us
You will spend for 30-45minutes before you heading to the seated area
because there are sooo many boats that selling local Thai Food

First stall which caught my attention
I was actually attracted by the colourful desserts
It looks tasty
First try!
i thought it's a cold dessert
But it's not
It's Coconut milk with jellies in it
i would have rate it for 3/5

Another attraction in Floating Market
The bowl and cups for drinks are made of clay
You can bring it home after you finish the food or drinks =)

See that?
That's Ultraman and Doraemon
It's only 20-25baht
With drinks in it^^
Creative isn't it?

Of course
If you doesn't like those clay containers
You may choose a bamboo one!
Just like my BF

For me,
I choose Hello Kitty!
A cute one^^
I brought home as a souvenir for myself
I don't think we can get it in Malaysia
Back to the food!
Let the pics do the talk

This it the stall which i'll recommend
I noticed that lotsa people was queuing there
So, i've decided to give a try!
it's superb nice!
It didn't disappoint me =D

Chicken soup noodles!
Rate it 4.5/5
Next stop,
Can't resist of it
Though we are able to get this in Malaysia
I still bought myself a cheese sausage

Spicy local Thai Food

Highly recommended!
I'm lovin it~~~
What is it??
Come closer and see...
Still don't get it??
Jiang jiang~
Sausage with bread!
You guys will think that it's the normal bread with sausage?
It's way to far to imagine how delicious is that
They rolled the sausage with the bread
Dip it with egg
and fry it....
The golden crispy bread with mayonnaise and chili sauce on top of it
First bite,
You may feel the crispy crust
Later part, you may feel the softness of the bread
and then the yummy sausage
You'll definitely fall in love with it

Last but not least,
The only TomYam which i able to buy from there
5 out of 5!!! =P
They have their own secret paste which taste soooo good

There are many food stalls which i couldn't have test it all
because of my bloated stomach after the food as shown above
Are you hungry now?

Next post gonna be Thale Noi Wetlands
It's all about Lotus Flower =)
Stay tune!

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