Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My New Baby ❤

A short update about my life
I was sooo busy with my life since the 1st day of CNY until NOW!
My schedule during this period was so tight
Sometimes i do feel tired
But there's something which delight me recently
Wondering what is it??

I have another baby!

yeah yeah yeah~~~

Hey don't get me wrong
The baby that i meant is sunshade
Hiak hiak hiak =P

I'm crazily in love with sunshade
Mom always complaint that i have too many pairs of sunshade
Nag nag nag
but im ignore ignore ingore XD

Finally i bought myself a sunshade from
Charles & Keith

Love at first sight

I love the decorative pattern and the colour as well

Tried it for the first time

Hesitated for quite loooong
My mind keep asking me to put it back
I put it back to the rack and ran off from the shop
(FYI, I was in 1U by that time)

Then, friends went to Pavilion
Oh no~~~
There's one Charles & Keith
Can't stand it anymore
the evil side of my mind instigate me to buy it


Not to think anymore
Quikly picked it up and approached to the cashier

And from that onwards
It already became one of my babies

Some photos with my new baby

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