Monday, September 5, 2011

Thale Noi Wetlands

Another update about my Hatyai trip
I know it's abit late to update it
('s very LATE instead of abit)
I admit that i've been procrastinated all the while
Lazy bum bum =P

A quick update on Thale Noi Wetlands
My day started with a sleepy face
Same to the kid beside me
Both of us enjoyed the whole body oil massage
It took us 1 and a half hour to reach Thale Noi Wetlands
Kinda far away from Hatyai.
Luckily it was a shaddy day
I was so afraid that it'll be a sunny day with a big big Sun
I don't wanna get roasted under the hot sun

Slept for the whole journey
and at last reached the destination
Thale Noi Wetlands
Quite excited actually as i never seen lotus flower personally
(Pls don't laugh at me XD )

We're here!
Nice scenery huh?
A pool of lotus?
Perhaps a lake full of lotus?
For me, it seems like a sea instead of wetlands

Captured some photos
to prove that we have been here^^

We gotta ride on a sampan boat to go further for more lotus flower
And here we go!
Leaving the shore heading to lotsa lotus flower =)
Thank god for the nice weather with nice scenery
Love it to the max
Enjoy the pics =)

I love this pic

We were all surround by this!
Lotus flower

Pinkish flower
Not sure whether we are allowed to do so
but who cares
Faster grab urself a pinky lotus flower^^
BF got me one super duper big flower
Big enough? XD
BF with the giant flower
I left this on the boat when i leave

Flower and me

The ride took aprox 30mins
For the 30mins you'll be seeing lotsa lotus flower fly by your side
Interesting right =)
i wonder what is the pinkish thing on the stem
Anyone of u know?

After the ride,
We are give some time to walk around
and of course,
photo time^^
BF has a good skill in capturing photos huh =P
Love this

Me and my colleague =)
Post ended with a pic of mine
Cheers =D

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