Monday, October 24, 2011

The Warmest Birthday

Can't believe that i'm still updating this
My 24th Birthday
Warmest Birthday ever!
BF planned everything a month before my Birthday
Alot surprises he gave to me
and it's unforgettable

Wat are those surprises?
How did I celebrate my birthday?
Well..Let the pics do talking =)

BF told me that he's going to bring me out
Perhaps clubbing?
In fact he brought me to Puchong's Neway
I was wondering..
Why he'll bring me there?
*Still wondering....*

I entered the k-room
Hmm..No one??
Weird huh
Suddenly! Boom!
A few persons came out from the washroom
My cousiesss! =D
All of them were hiding in the washroom

Thanks to my dearest BF
who contact them secretly
As i know he doesn't have my cousiess' contact number
*get it through FB i guess*
They were busy singing
while me and my cousin busy taking photos
I don't even notice that some of them were missing by that time
Where were they?
*Hiak Hiak :D*

BF suddenly appeared in the entrance with a cake on his hand
It was another surprise from him
the surprise is from the CAKE!

My custom-made
Bunny cake

*Look at my Happy face*

Oh ya
Another hidden surprise
The flavor of the cake
Green tea!
My favourite green tea~~
Yummy yummy
Once again,
TQ to BF who prepared all these
*Hugss and kisses*

It was so so so cute
i was not willing to cut it into slices
Awww.... =(
Say goodbye to my Bunny cake
Other surprise?
Wait...Not end yet
Right after finish singing
When back home
I saw this on the floor

Surprise surprise!
Oh my....
This caused alot of surprise to me
Seriously! ^^
Jiang Jiang~~
My birthday gift from BF
A New Gen Swatch =D
and my favourite colour~~
Happy-ing *Jumping up n down*

Look how BF help me to wear the watch
Awwwww~~ 0(>.<)o

A kiss for you!

Dinner's time!
Bf brought me for dinner
and again..venue is a secret

Beautiful weather with a nice mood!
Love it to the MAX
Where will you think my BF brought me for dinner?
Candles light dinner?
U're wrong!
It was my favourite place
Tenji 2 =D
The newly opened Tenji located at Bandar Puteri Puchong
The ambience

*With lotsa love*

Some photos of the day
Enjoy =)
Food food food
Craving for Sushi

and this!

*Nom nom nom*
Oishii Oyster

Hanging there for hours
Went back home with bloated stomach
Damn full and satisfied *Teehee =D *
A simple yet memorable and warm birthday by my Love
Once again,
Thank you sooo much for planning all these
i was touched and felt warm
My wish for birthday?
May our love will never ends

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