Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm back!
It's been so long ive abandoned my bloggie
Time to pick it up perhaps?

Having the worst time of my life
Need a space to release all the stress and sadness
Well, i guess here is the ideal place for it
People says
there's always up and down in our life
However, my life is going down and down all the time
I cant hold it anymore

Job, Love, Friends
I started not to believe in anyone and anything
Trust is just a trash for me
used to believe that at least there might be someone for me
close friend
End up, messed up.
Things used to be so good
and it went off the track
Reality is always cruel

i believe in no one
Just myself.
Maybe, i will be fine in my own world.
God, can u please lead me 
I need the strength to hold on...

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JackLai said...

Welcome back ^.^

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