Thursday, October 28, 2010

Latest News About Miie

I've been here for almost 2 weeks
Slowly getting use to the new environment
But there's one thing that i need to work really hard
Just to get use to it
What is it?

That is drive to work with manual car
Since i haven't get my new car yet
I have to drive my mom's car to work
I'm such a lame driver with damn poor driving skill
Can u imagine that?
How dangerous it will be
So stressful to drive to work

Let's skip this part
I did some small changes to my lil room
Bought wall sticker last week

Did all these my own

The outcome~
Hmm make my room look warmer
Love to be in my room after work
Feel tired when finish working
But feel refreshing once i'm back to my room
It's like the small lil world to me
My own world
A small place for me to relax myself
and to rest

When get bored of outside food
Me and my housemates will cook ourselves
At least it's more healthier than eating outside

Link and Eva^^
They were preparing the honey sausages
Taste good!
Thumbs up~~XD
Don't hesitate
That's me
Look so auntie
That's why i don't show up my face here=p

Our dinner
Simple ( we're not good in cooking )
yet still delicious
I cooked two dishes
The soup and bean
while honey sausages were cook by Link
And Eva cooked the other one
A short update about my life lately
I noticed that i have a bad habit
I'm lazy to update my blog once i started to work
is this a good news or a bad news?

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melmonica said...

Wahh, your room does look cosy. x)

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