Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Environment

Finally i moved back to KL
although this place is abit far away from the center of KL
Still acceptable for me
I got myself a new job in Kepong
No choice, i have to stay in Kepong
To avoid those conjested traffic
To avoid myself from night life

Now, i'm Link's housemate
Have no idea who is her?
Click me
I moved into her house
which is located in Aman Puri
Fyi, it's only 5mins driving to my workplace
this is one of the advantages to live with her

Living room

My room
Bedsheet given from someone as my birthday present last year
U'll know who i mean if u read my blog now =p

Happy family^^
From the left,
Link, Eva, Mine and my darling's toothbrush

First day working,
I was so nervous and worried
because I rest for HALF a year
n played a lot during that time
Visited many places
Had many hang outs with friends and cousins

Some booklet for me to read
I got my Staff id that day with the ugly face
Panda with the puffy eyes

My workplace
Percetakan Tenaga
It's a printing company..

Here i introduce u all my desk
Still look clean n tidy
That's how it look for the first two days
My desk is in a mess since this Monday
Especially today
Workload increased =D
Frankly, i miss this buziness alot!

Kinda big office with more than 20 workers
With a few departments as well
There are Finance Dept, PLanning, QA, Sales and Marketing
Not to miss out my department
P.U.R.C.H.A.S.E Department!

5 members in this department including me
I love to work in this company
Because i have a very kind superior
She's an old lady
around 50 i think
She's very caring.. Supportive
and willing to teach me
Feel like my mom =P
so warm
Hope that this condition will last for very long
Then, i'll feel happy to work in this company
and here comes the motivation

I'm still trying to adapt to my new life
New environment


Jayce said...

Congratulation!!!Hope you enjoy your working life...I have to look for jobs now~~Haiz...

D' Memory Palace said...

Hmm why need to look for a job now?

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