Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mah Birthday Bash @ Zouk

My 23rd birthday is on 28th of Sept, Tuesday
Due to some reason, i decided to celebrate my bday earlier
Of course is my favourite place, Zouk
Love to visit there on Thursday
Let's partayyyy people

My outfit for that night
Addicted to lace dress recently ^^

Did a lil camwhore before went out for party
Me and my twins, cousin
She had a new haircut which made both of us look more alike

Weirdo look XD

Arrived Zouk at 12am
Still, there's long queue
People loves to go to Zouk on Thursday huh
Awesome DJ with nice music!

3 of us
I'm the eldest among them =)
Some photos
Friends who attended that nite

Yen Jee and me
Never meet him after graduate from UTAR
glad to meet him again^^

My sexy babe, Adeline

Thanks for coming babe
She had to work on the next morning at 9am

Most of them still queueing outside
Let's have some beer while waiting for the rest

Guang Xin and Adeline
He was the one who need to be in college at 7am the next day
Thanks for joining as well^^

Gary, me and YN

All my sweethearts

Let's dance sexy babe
love this pic

Me with the weird expression
Spot Gary?
He looked so high =p

Hazel dear and me

Happy to see her that night
She brought me one cup of liquor
Black Label with beer as mixer
I was requested to drink it all in one shot
Fyi, i'm a lame drinker
So became tipsy after that shot

High high high!


Part of the gang

At last,
Drink drank drunk!
Vomitted while on the way back
However, i enjoyed a lot that night
Happy to meet my friends
Touching because some of them have to work on the next day
Yet, they still able to attend my bday bash
Million thanks to all of them
Hugs and kisses

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melmonica said...

Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had heaps of fun. Cheerios~

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