Friday, November 5, 2010

I got another Baby again!

Which means 30th of October
Memorable day to me
Why why why?
Finally i already got my own baby!!

I have few babies in my life
But this is the most precious one
I got my new car!
My first car ever in my life!

I bought Myvi Limited Edition
and I named it as Pinkish Cherish

I was so excited by that day
I still remember how my baby looked on the first day
She looked so gorgeous under the sunny day

The interior part
It's different from the normal Myvi
because it's the limited edition
Guess only Gals will buy the pink Myvi
just like me =P

There's some changes here too
Spot it
Can't see clearly?
Let's have a close up ^^
See that now?
Flowers everywhere

So girlish
Definitely a design for female
I think male will feel sick to drive this car out
That's what my brother told me
He will never sit my car
Well it's a good news for me
No one will drive my car
and i don't need to fetch him to go out next time

Oh ya
Forgot to inform u all
I picked KL's car plate number
Sounds like my name Wern
Baby Pinkish Cherish
Mama will loves you alot =D
I'll bring u to many places once i learn all the road in KL


Hilda Milda™ said...

wow so niceee! you got yrself a pink new myvi :D

Jayce said...

Find a day FETCH me!!!Wuahaha

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