Friday, November 12, 2010

These Days

These days...
I'm so busy with my new life
Love my current life^^

My new job is getting busier and busier now
Tons of work gotta do
Don't even have extra time for me to rest
No time to drink water
No time for toilet
And of course
No time to think others
Good for me

What i know is busy all the time
Especially today
I worked for 8hours
and i worked non stop during that 8 hours
Met suppliers to give them sample
Contact with suppliers to get the quotation
Done some sourcing
My phone rang for so many times
Have to answer so many calls today

I don't feel tired during that time
But i can feel it now!
I'm totally exhausted
I have no idea since when i love this kind of busy-ness so much
I used to hate to be busy last time
But not now
I love to be busy
Feel that i'm really alive when i'm busy enough
Feel satisfied as well

Salary for this job
Hmm...should say abit less if u stay in KL
Doesn't matter
They don't pay for OT's okay~
Tons of work will keep increasing day by day
FINE for me
I just wanna say
I love my current job so much!^^

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