Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

Heya peeps
Time passed soooooo fast huh
With a blink of eyes, X'mas is officially over
How did u guys spend your x'mas?
Hmm..time to share you guys how i spent my x'mas =)

I actually spent my christmas eve with my friends
The usual gang but additional one new member
We had our dinner at Piccadily
which is located at SS2
(while waiting for the Fish to reach home)
Simple x'mas eve dinner

Plan changed after finish our dinner
The curve!
It's my 1st time been there during X'mas eve
Another brand new experience huh

Spot this?
The street is crowded with hundreds of peepo
We planned to have a drink @ Laundry bar
Too bad
we reached there around 11something
No more tables availabe by that time (sad case)

Friends decided to play around with the snow spray
As it's almost 12 after that
My friends
From the left
Eva, Ruoyu ( Our new member), Lizai, Link and ChaiChui
They had lotsa fun while i keep snapping photos around

It's 12am
Christmas time!
People getting wild after countdown
Keep spraying people around them
eventhough u're just a stranger to them
That's Malaysia's culture i think
Play with the snow spray whenever there's a big festival

We just bought 8bottles of spray
After all the spray ran out, we headed to Library for Hoegarden *wink*
Also one of my favourite beer now
The couple.. Link and Eva

We finished up two buckets?
Is it possible??
Of course not!
We just ordered one tower of hoegarden

Our boss that night, Ruoyu
She was wondering which snacks to order =P

Me with the tower of Hoegarden

She with her new member card
She was so happy with the card because it looks cool

Played cards to kill time
Beer ran out fast during that time as the loser have to drink



My face was getting RED
super duper red..
Just like the red tomato

We had alot of fun that night
We sing, dance n drink
What a lovely X'mas eve o(≧v≦)o~~

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