Friday, December 17, 2010

Yes Or No

A new Thai movie which caught my attention
Saw someone posted this on FB
It made me feel like watching this
Too bad, it surely won't be shown in Malaysia

It's a movie about Lesbian
How they discover that both of them are actually love girl
How they get the courage to admit it to everyone
How they accept each other

There are getting more n more lesbian nowadays
But, who can accept them?
People will have bias towards them
They will talk bad behind those who are lesbian
Even their own parent also cannot accept that their daughter loves a girl
Can you?

Love has no boundary
No matter u are a gay, lesbian or straight
It's all about love
True love that hardly found in this world
If u have friends who are lesbian or gay
treat them equally like others
They are also human like us who need love


DIONNE said...

agreed =)

Anonymous said...

i am also looking for this movie. However, the worst are duno china will release this kind of movie o not...

SuFang (Careen) said...

Love is blind :) Not the gender matters but it's the people that you meet :)

scoobz said...

Was looking for more info bout this movie when I came across your post. I don't usually comment but thanks for sticking up for my kinda people! ;)

And since you're on Nuffnang too, nanged!

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