Monday, March 5, 2012

New Life

I'm back with a brand new post
I've just changed to a new job
New Job = new life?
Well, i gotta agree on that

Totally love my current new job
Some of you might wonder why
Time is more flexible?
No need to spend the whole day in office?
Has a good relationship among colleagues?'s true!

Those are what I couldn't get from my previous job
Sometimes we can have our breakfast around 9something
Normally I was busying to work hard at this hour
It's like from hell to heaven

New company's annual meeting was held at Hilton KL
and I was lucky enough to join them

Meeting was on last Friday and Saturday
We basically were eat eat, eat and play
Dinner at Oriental Pavilion Jaya 33

Shark fin...
Each person one bowl o.O
Forgot what was this dish

and more...

Colleagues were busy singing karaoke in the room
while us girls...
busy taking photos in the restroom

Some of them are from out station
Hmm..Some said 3 of us look like sisters
Are we??

Twins of my company

After a whole day of meeting
we finally have time to back to hotel and have rest
Me and my twin sister were lucky to get the corner room
Which is very big for two of us
There's a candy bar once we entered the door

A working desk
With two single beds
A big bathroom with a bathtub
FYI, bathtub with a nice KL view
Our room is located on the 26th floor! =)
How lovely to soak in the bathtub while looking to the night view

You guys must be wondering where were our meeting held at
It was on the 7th floor of Hilton KL
A very classy meeting room
How classy?
Let the pics show you =)

They provided some sweets on the each table
We even took photos in their restroom
Nice ambience

I started to love my new job
and hopefully I'll take up fast and doing great in this field =)

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