Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

27th of March 2010
Once again, it's the day for Earth Hour campaign
global event organized by WWF
the biggest climate awareness campaign ever!

People from all over the world who love the Mother Earth
will switch off their lights from 8.30pm-9.30pm
just to show their support to this campaign
Aww how sweet that will be

How many of u really know when is this campaign started?
Here's some information for my readers
Earth Hour started in year 2007 in Sydney
After a year, more countries are participating this campaign
and now
it has become a global event
that increase human awareness towards the climate change of our Mother Earth

How many of you really support this campaign?
How many of you really turn off the lights?

Well, i did..
I still remember how i passed the Earth Hour last year

i will never forget about that =p

Don't forgot about tonight
show your love to Mother Earth
Drop a comment to show that you're participating this campaign


XENCE said...

SAVE our world our mother earth plz..

D' Memory Palace said...

thanks =)

XENCE said...

thx for wat?
tat was human jobs^^

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