Monday, March 29, 2010

Make Up, Best Friend of Women!

Watch this video!
Girls with a normal look..small eyes
can turn to a pretty hot chic with big eyes o.O!

Different people will have different perspective
Some will feel respect for the girls who r so good in make up
but mostly will criticize them
This is what i saw

" time not to hunt chic in club..."
"omfg..they look totally different!"
"aww..there's no more natural beauty in this world"
" No more pretty girls in this world because they are getting better in make up and made them look like two different person"
"Her face is so big! but now look so thin..omg"

Tons n tons of criticism
How come no one see this in other perspective
the good one i mean
Girls work so hard to learn make up
just to make themselves look better!

Here's some photos that i found from website
The before make up and after pic

Photos of the Star

Jessica Alba

Angelina Jolie

Kim Kardashian

Nicole Richie

What's ur opinion after seeing those photos?

Thanks to make up,
it really build up girls' self-confident!
I started to learn make up since a year ago
yet my skill still sucks
I have to admit
make up is really a woman's best friend
I have more confident towards myself after make up

Girls who lack of self-confident should give a try on this! ^^

Well people outside
don't criticize anymore
In contrast, give more compliments to them

Show u guys my photos as well
pls prepare a plastic bag
just in case you'll vomit later

Much difference? =D


MY said...

make up is our medicine
v will bcum more n more prettier with make up
agree wif wad u said
but im still less make up
cos cos im quite lazy to remove it .
btw nice pic ya

Lita~bubblezz said...

people say make up really can make a girl become pretty..
but instead like that i do find myself not really confident on make
feel so heavy at face..haha
sometimes i like my face more when im not wear any make up..
i guess im strange or maybe im still not understand the art of make

XENCE said...

i mean u ^^
no make up
is cute ^^
but have little bit 苍白

Anonymous said...

all ur photo are showing ur rabbit teeth...HAHA
rabbit yvonne =P

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