Monday, July 26, 2010

Cousins Reunion After Long Lost

Another expired post
As usual, my blog usually will have lotsa photos:
Photos always will be more than words
hope you guys enjoy it!

What is this post about?

Well my long lost cousin aka my twins
Finally back from India
She left us here for half a year
and yes
We never meet each other for half a year

The time she's back which means
Time for gathering!

We went to Sg Wang first
Because she wants to dye and trim her hair
Never have hair cut for half a year huh
Try to imagine how long is her hair =p

While waiting for her
me and another cousin, Jason were starving
So we decided to have our first meal
My favourite all the time ♥

Slurp slurp~
Can't eat too spicy food
So ordered Mild every time =)
After a long wait,
She wanted to go for a drink at T-bowl
Since all of us never been there before
Kinda outdated huh?
To be honest, I seldom go to Bukit Bintang area
when she's not in Malaysia

That's me =)

Both of us never take photos together for very long
Miss the moments we hang out together
and take lotsa photos

Love this pic for no reason =p

Pretend that i'm having stomache
But end up this way
Totally a FAILURE!

She looked more mature than before
Big girl already luu ^^
As we had our whole day plan,
We headed to Jason's house
Asked him to trim my hair since he's a hair stylist now =D
I never had hair cut for months
4 months if not mistaken
Looks sucks with my current hairstyle
Oh my~~

So, this is how I look after the haircut by him ♥
He got talent in this field huh

I'm quite choosy in haircut
So i used to complain alot after i had a hair cut
But i never complain after he cut for me!
in fact, i ♥ it so much
That made me look younger now =p
Camwhore at his living room
With a big big mirror there
Love it!

During nite,
Had our favorite activity all the time
Singing session!

All of us were so excited during that day
as we din meet each other for sooo long

Busy eating
While me and Crystal?


Busy camwhoring
Again and again
never get bored XD

We both had the same pose
Do we really look alike?
I get lots of comments from friends
That me and her are like twins
Look alike!
Good to hear that too =p
Oh ya
there's another twins among us too
they are cousins
From left,
Vinson and Sobel =)
Me and Sobel look so dark
As both of us just back from trip
I got sunburn at Italy while he's at Redang

Me and Vinson, the handsomeSome random pic,

Try to pose like a model
another failure too!

Finally, the group photo
6 of us for that day

For more photos,
Kindly visit to my FB =)

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Jayce said...

Really Look like twin a~~
I will never never go back to T-Bowl restaurant a!!!Its Sucks...Kakaka~

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