Thursday, July 15, 2010

Despicable Me ♥

Hey guys and girls!
A must watch movie for SUMMER!

I rate this movie 11/10
It's 11/10
I sendiri add in the 1 marks

This never happen before in any of my movie review!

Story starts with a man called GRU
the wicked man with his army of minions
By the way, who is minions?
These two yellow thingy are the minions
and there's thousand of them are working for GRU

They are trying to plan the biggest heist in the history of world
Since the pyramid is stolen by Vector

So, they want to steal the Moon

Oh no~~~
Imagine what's gonna happen if there's no moon anymore!

Wait a minute!
Things changed after GRU adopted 3 lil girls
They changed GRU's life
GRU learnt the LOVE from the 3 kids
His heart is no longer icy cold but warm!

He brings the kids for dancing class,theme park etc.
GRU is transforming to a good father
Well i'm glad to see that =p
Why I strongly recommend you guys for this movie?

First of all,
Must watch this in 3D
Thumbs up to Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment
They really did a great job in 3D effect

You will never regret for paying that price to watch this
I guarantee!

This duration for this movie is 1hour and 45minutes
Those who are not in the mood
you may consider about this movie as well
It's way too FUNNY!
You'll laugh NON-STOP for 1hour and 45minutes


No no no!
Trust me and you will love that movie much^^

Third points of Must Watch,
Cute lil girl! Agnes...
Aww...ain't she looks cute?
Feel like pinching her chubby face

Watch This!
and you'll realize that she's superb cute
Yes indeed huh

What you waiting for?
Faster go and watch Despicable Me =)


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v!vi@n said...

me watched dy!!! i love this mv too!!! agnes super cute....hahahahahaha

nanged and clicked your hit me bek ya^^ thanks

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