Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trip To Italy - Day 1

Many of my friends keep asking me
When i will update my blog about Italy trip?
Not to wait for too long
【in fact it's already past for a month =p】
Here's my post for Italy trip

I went there on 29th of May
Back to Malaysia on 7th of June
which means 10Days and 7 Nights

Date: 29th of May
Time: 4pm
Venue: KLIA Airport

Me and dad went to airport by cab
The driver is and old man with his antique car
My heart feel uneasy once i saw him
He still have to work at this age

Back to the topic,
We reached the airport around 5pm
checked in time is 5.15pm
Ours luggage

My full name

Guess most of you have no idea of my name =p
My air ticket
Interchange at Bangkok

Flight is at 8.15pm
Aww...have to walk around to kill time
Of course, we fully utilized our time by taking photos

Waiting and waiting...

3 of us

Waiting to get on board
That's the plane that fly us to Bangkok
Goodbye my homeland, Malaysia
Fly to Bangkok

Fist meal in airplane
Dinner time!!
Taste good actually

Arrived Bangkok around 10.30pm
Had to wait for another 3 hours before on board

Camwhored to kill time again

Fly to Rome around 1am
we changed to a bigger airplane
more comfortable
Took some photos in the cabin
My daddy,my younger cousin and me

Oh no..i look so tiny beside my cousin
Another meal on plane
Pork noodles
Thai Airways Crew
2 pretty babe beside me

The flight continued for 12hours
what i did in the airplane just eat and sleep
Didn't have a good sleep
Because i'm not lying on my lovely bed =p
That's me with puffy eyes
Totally exhausted
Had my cousin sat beside me
Morning 7am
breakfast served
Yummy yummy
I actually like their meals a lot^^

Look through the window
It's early in the morning
Sun started to rise
I saw a different view of sunrise

the sunrise and the clouds

i love the view
it's like the smooth ocean

Puffy clouds
Icy mountain is just below the airplane
We arrived Roma early in the morning
forgot around what time =p

Nice scenery from here
Now i realize that Italy is such a greeny country
Hmm i have to say
Roma's airport is very very small
and it's very HOT
no air condition i think

After settled down everything
we headed to Rome city
The Ancient City
Everyone on bus felt so excited about it
Because we're going to visit the Colosseum!

Can u see the wall in front?
Well that's the city wall that built long long ago
It's to protect the citizens during the ancient time

Snapped a photo once i got down from the bus =)
Hot hot weather

Took this photo when heading to Colosseum
Nice graffiti huh?
When you're in Italy
you may find out there's many graffiti done by citizens everywhere!
What an art

Here's the Colosseum
One of the greatest works of Roman architecture

A nearer view
Once i saw the Colosseum
i was like

I wonder how the ancient people built this last time
As you people know, they dun have such high tech machines by that time
But they were smart
Smart enough to build such a great building
Totally respect!

There's so many people visit there
Groups and groups of tour from different country
America, Japan, China etc.
and of course,
everyone was amazed by the Colosseum =p
I was lucky
Because got the chance to visit inside the Colosseum

Before that,
Let me introduce you all my local tour guide
She explained everything very detailed
She even brought a book
to explain how the Colosseum looked like before this
I like it! ^^
Took some photos in Colosseum

There's many holes on the wall of Colosseum
According to what the tour guide explained
The holes are actually marbles
They took out all the marbles to reuse it for the Basilica
Several church in Rome are made of the Colosseum marbles

Another view of Colosseum through the window

Lower part of Colosseum
Can u imagine that this place
Full of blood and victory during ancient time
Where the kings and all citizens including the slaves watched battle
The place where warrior fight for glory
Slaves fight for freedom

I love this photo

Photos of me =p
Taken by my cousin
That's me with my baby Canon SLR^^
Before we leave Colosseum,
a group photo!
Not more than 40 people =)
A group of photographers
Most of us are with SLR

Next stop,
Roman Forum
The oldest and most important structures of the ancient city are located here!
The first thing you can see in Roman Forum
Listening to the tour guide for explanation
and these are my gang^^
Sat there to hide from the hot sun
For your information, it's almost summer by the time i visit there
Huge pillar!
Wonder how they moved the thing up there

Another view

The tomb of Julius Caesar
I bet you all know who is him huh^^
There's a gallery in Roman Forum
you must visit there if you got the chance
The art of statue and carving
Thumbs up!

How fantastic is the art work
How many decades used to built a building last time
We are not able to find these kind of architecture in modern time
because it needs a lot of time
While people nowadays is fighting for time

I truly love this place
it's full of arts ^^

With a nice weather
Blue sky and a hot sun!
And this,
the tomb of unknown soldiers

The stairs beside the Tomb of Unknown Soldiers
and a lovely couple *wink*

The ancient music theater
Only the rich can enter for opera performance

After walking for half a day under the hot sun
Finally it's lunch time

First meal in Italy
Chinese food
Didn't snap any photos due to too hungry
everyone was so hungry until finished up everything within half an hour
Clap hands! XD

Continued our journey
to the Vatican City
According to the tour guide, he said that Vatican is the smallest country in world
How small is it?
Here~have a look on the photo below
Once u cross the fence, then u're in the Vatican City
where the famous St. Peter's Basilica located
St. Peter's Basilica is one of the most beautiful and famous church in the world
Huge isn't it?
It's all made of marble
Very cooling inside
St.Peter's Basilica is surrounded by 284 colonnades

I love the sky there compare to Malaysia
Do u notice that?
Sky over there is a lot nicer than here =p

Inner part of St.Peter's Basilica
you may found statues all inside the basilica
Trevi Fountain
Most famous and spectacular fountain in Rome
It's 3-4pm when we arrived there
We were exposed to the hot sun without any sunblock and umbrella
That's where the place i got sunburn

You can make a wish by throwing coins into Trevi Fountain
Your wish may come true =)

my journey to Italy was just walk walk walk all the way
So, after the Trevi Fountain
we started to walk again
to the Spanish Steps
The monumental stairway of 138steps
and i saw people loves to sit along the staircase
for sun bath
Guess Malaysia won't expose themselves under the hot sun
just like the Italians =p
They really love hot sun a lot huh
I'll faint to see hot sun
Hot sun will melt me down

Oh ya, something to share about
Found this cute pasta selling over there
Another one
Will you buy it? XD
Had our dinner quite early
Italian food
Craved for spaghetti

Aftear meal, headed back to our hotel
H10 Hotel
Nice and comfortable one
their room is real clean^^

Finally finish up the first day trip of Italy
I'll try my best to update soon
【 Trip to Italy - Day 2 】


TOLANIC said...

I didn’t know there is an airport in KLCC! Anyway, nice trip you got there! I really wish I can go to Italy too! Very classic and classy city.

D' Memory Palace said...

Oopps..typo erroe =P
forgot to check before publish
yea..i love italy very much
a country full of arts >.<

Jayce said...

I was WOW too when I looking at your photos...Hahaha~I want to travel!!!!Hahaha..

Jack Ng said...

wow ... so nice ............... how nice if i can go too ... how much it cost ?!

Lita~bubblezz said...

i envy u a loooot sis..
travel to italy ^^
very pretty place..
@.@ waant it so muuuch..

me said...

nice pic

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