Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Moments With Crazy Gang

10th of July

Decided to visit my friend's hometown
@ Yong Peng, Johor
since i never been there before

This is my friend, Lizai
Special thanks to her
for providing us shelter when in her hometown

I woke up damn early during that morning
Because have to follow my brother to go back Malacca
He gotta work during that morning
and i have to wait at Malacca for Link to pick me up
No choice~

Fyi, that's my bro
As most of u don't know who is my bro

Me with the puffy eyes
Lack of sleep
Link picked me up around evening
due to some circumstances
Long long story ( lazy to explain ) =p
and we headed to Lizai's house

First time been to Yong Peng
First impression?
hmm..it's really a small town
Even smaller than Seremban
Just two rows of shop along the roadside
That's it!

The only place to hang out for shopping is

But but but,
People who lives there are sooo friendly
Hmm i mean Lizai's friends

Give them a big heart
All of them are talkative and nice
You won't feel awkward when with them
and you can talk everything to them

That's what i love about Yong Peng^^

=Nite session=

Lizai brought us to Batu Pahat's club
We used to go clubbing in KL
but never in Bp
Yeah..another new experience!

This is Link
She drives all the way from KL to Johor =)

Lizai and friends

Lizai brought us to two famous club in Bp
迷城 and 7
Well i gotta say
i still prefer KL's clubs


i feel that it's more dangerous to go Bp's clubs
People in those clubs don't look friendly
A fight almost happened in 迷城
and i was shocked

you may also found different kind of people there
even Bangladesh

you'll still have fun
IF u go there with the right person
Yes.. i went there with the right person
So i had fun during that nite
meet some of new friends =)

Oh ya
Another thing which is different from KL
I noticed that people in Bp love to drink beer
Once i stepped in the club
Every tables are full of Carlsberg in stead of Black Label, Chivas etc
Interesting isn't it?
Different places have different culture
I love to discover different culture

11st of July

We followed our schedule

5 of us
Two girls from Penang
Nice girls

Well none of them know the roads of Malacca
and they decided to visit there
I was like huh?
How we gonna know the places
Where to eat?
Where to play?

So i was forced to become the tour guide

Since i just visited to Malacca 2 months back

First stop,
Brought them to Donald & Lily's again!
They never been there before
I think they should have try this out
Delicious nyonya dishes =)
The weather is super duper uber HOT
It's always hot whenever i visit there huh >.< Waiting for our food to be serve
Random us
Captured by Lizai
We ordered Ayam Ponte
This is delicious
Tried this for the first time
The rojak
Not bad too..
But we still prefer Ayam Ponte

and also the Cendol

We wanted to try out the laksa
But we arrived there at 4pm
and it's all sold out

Next time have to go there earlier if wanna eat their Laksa

Overall comments:
Good! Delicious
I recommend the right thing for them

Got positive feedbacks from them!

Next station
Walked around the Malacca town
Everyone needs some walking with our bloated stomach

Link with her car

Cool rite?
Pei and Link
The terracotta Warrior is holding Pei's cigarette

I noticed that there's one lil shop nearby Jonker Street
Selling antique stuffs
Not the valuable one but full of memories
I'm here again
With different gang of people this time
Lotsa joy and fun!

Snap snap snap

From the left
Li zai, Wen, Pei and Link
We had to climb up there
As u can see, I was wearing skirt that day

Do we look like Li zai's bodyguards =p
Both of us were in shades
we got ourselves a lame photographer
It's okay
As long as our faces show in that picture
=Random pictures=

I love this so much

Captured by Pei
My legs look so long n slim in this pic

My favourite blue sky!
Me and Lizai
The red House
It look more lovely during night when the lights are on =)
All in black!
Bet they regret for wearing black during the hot sunny day =p

Pls bare with her
She loves to take pic with funny pose
That's how she brings us joy and happiness =)
I didn't bring my Dslr this time
Only my compact camera
So the effect is much lousier XD

The famous trishaw in Malacca
Very expensive to have a ride
RM30 per ride

They love cameras too huh^^All of us look like
Dai kah jie right?
And again
our group pic
Taken by a tourist =)

We even took pictures with the SNAKE!

One or two are afraid of snake
But i'm Not!
Spot the pic and you will know who's the one who afraid of snake
Bite the snake =D

After all these,
I decided to bring them to
Menara Taming Sari
Li zai said
She always came to Malacca
But just went to Dataran Pahlawan and Jonker
Never visit to other places else

So, a good chance for her
to experience new things in Malacca

Nice pic

The ticket
to prove us been here! =D
A must for her
To prove that she's not only go to Pahlawan
But other places as well

The view up there
I saw Pahlawan
Where's our car?

Last but not least,
5 of us =)
The craziest gang i ever met

I have no idea what is this place called
It's just right behind of Pahlawan

Did some random shots too

Oh no~~
What are you doing??
Nice angle ya

Final pic before we leave the place
It's 7pm by that time
Look at the beautiful sky =)
Everyone was hungry so we headed to Jonker Street
Search for food!

Link recommended us the Asam Laksa @ Jonker Street
Thumbs up for that
But it's abit too sour
Had gastric after that meal =(

That's my lovely friends
Craziest friends
Happy-go-lucky one ^^
I love to spend my time with them
They will bring laughter to me
And seriously
it's one of my happiest day in my life

They had brighten up my life
which i appreciate a lot
Friendship forever!

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