Sunday, September 26, 2010

I ❤ September

It's been a while i never update my bloggie
Kinda miss my blog
Where have i been all these time?
One word, BUSY!

Hey peeps,
It's September
My month!! =D
Which i love it sOoo much
I had lotsa activities during this month
Hang out with my dearest friends pretty often
and of course,
The one who i love ♥

A short update from me
I'll be start working on 15th of October
Fyi, I'll move back to KL
Cheers =D
But, will stay in Kepong
So far away from my friends
It doesn't matter
As long as i'm still in KL
I love KL's life a lot

Time to get myself ready for my new job
as Purchasing Assistant
After my long long vacation
Half a year~long enough huh
I did enjoy alot for the past few months
Thank you everyone who makes my life better n happier
Love, xoxo

Coming post,
Activities with friends
Stay tune!

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