Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Italy Day 3 - Florence

Day 3's schedule is Florence!
Gonna walk walk walk again
Had backache after walked for the whole day
It's time to leave the hotel
Before this, let's me introduce the hotel
Art Hotel

The warm lighting =)

Swimming pool outside
The hotel
Isn't it cute? =p

My breakfast of the day
Everyday the same..Bacon, bread, egg, milk
Started to miss Malaysia's cuisine
That's me
took this picture before leave the room
Here we go~
Walking tour to Florence

Frankly, i was impressed by this huge architecture
First word came into my mind

Duomo Santa Maria Del Fiore
From what you can see here
There's pink n green colour
Don't think that it's paint
No no no
It's actually pink n green marble
Can you imagine
the whole church is being built by marble
purely made from marble!
From the pic below,
can you see Jesus Christ?
The round one on the top
It means the Jesus is looking down n always bless them
The row below Jesus Christ
are the great architects who built this building
forgot what it's name

Main attraction for this architecture
is the golden gate!
Ahem..of course
this one is the clone
They had move in the real golden gate into museum
as it's so precious

The other side of Duomo Santa Maria Del Fiore

Oh ya
Something interesting to share
Look at the windows
each rows of window are different from the other
That's what we cant find in Malaysia
So cute!
The lucky boar
your wish may come true by touching its mouth
Believe it or not?
It's up to you

Ponte Vecchio
Europe's oldest wholly-stone
closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge

Zoom in..
the refelection

Heading to Piazza Della Signorio
an L-shaped square in front of Palazzo Vecchio
Palazzo Vecchio

Look what i found
the famous David!

And of course
this is not the real one too
They moved the real one into the museum
A tip to share
Beware of Gypsy when u're in Europe countries
the famous pick pocket
The gal in green shirt is the Gypsy
1Euro per cup
No seat for u
it cost only 1Euro
If u want to sit at the shaddy place

like this then u'll be charge 5Euro for the cappuccino
Time for lunch~
Went to a small restaurant
With nice ambiance

Some paintings on the wall
Our meal
This is nice
Dessert after meal
4 of us in the restaurant

After the tasty meal,
it's time to leave Florence
Piazzale Michelangelo
A place where u can see the whole Florence
It's like Michelangelo looking at the Florence
Nice view
Time to head to Venice
We had our dinner at Adriatic Coast
The best meal ever

Yummy yummy~
So delicious =D
Last but not least,
Next post,


Jayce said...

I HATE YOU, Yvonne!!!hahaha~
You made me hungry!!!
The Art Hotel really ART enough~~

eminey626 said...

OppsSS! i want to try europh trip also!!! nice trip btw :D

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