Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm A Mom now

Hey guys!
I'm a Mom now
Most of you will wonder i'm a mom of a BABY?
NO no nono..
Don't think about that
It's actually i be the temporary "Mom" of my family

My mother went for Indonesia for vacation with friends
Left me and brother at home
Dad's gonna work
So, Me as the eldest sis
Have to take over my mom's role
Take care of the family

It's not easy to be a mom
I know it now...
Now i have to wake up early everyday
To do house chores
Tons and tons of house chore are waiting for me

Wash clothes
Sweep and mop the floor
Wash dishes
Bla bla bla

It's very tiring
My mom is a superwoman huh
Because those are her daily routine
I will help her more often in future
Just to lighten her burden
you too need to help to do house chores when u're free ya


saya_arief said...

happy mothers day..

Jayce said...

Haha...I am my mom's helper in the family as well~Instead my mom only need to cook and wash clothes...The rest as child we all can do it for her~

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