Thursday, September 2, 2010

Merdeka Eve @ Mist

Merdeka Eve
How u guys pass your time during this night?
Stay at home with your lovers?
Went to Genting? Or Clubs?
Well for me
My first plan was to stay at home
Because i was so lazy to take KTM to KL
with crowded people

But when clock ticked to 9pm
One of my crazy friends called me up
He's coming from KL to pick me up
I was like
What the hell? Are you serious?
I couldn't believe his words

And i regret at last
He showed up right in front of my house at Seremban!
Oh my~
No choice
I have to follow him for party bash that night
We went to Mist Club
My 2nd time been there =)

Wearing Jack's spec

That's the owner of the spec^^

Liquor for that night
2 bottles of Black Label and 2 jug of Beer
Never ever try to mix these two together
You'll regret >.<
Get caught in action =p

Ex-Utarians =D
I never expect they will appeared there
I was so shocked to see them
Keep yelling
"Oh my god!Oh my god!"
It's good to meet them again

Me and Ice

Sweet couple
Look at the crowd downstairs
My bro during Utar
Happy to see them that night too
So many surprise =p
Some of the random shots

I love this pic
Talk to my hand~~!

Let's party ppl~~
Drink drank drunk

I looked so blur in this pic =.=
Effect of mixing beer with Black Label


Met a new friend there
She's cute n HOT!
Elaine the hottie =D
She can dance v well man~~~
I did enjoy that night
I met my long lost friends
That made me in a good mood that night =)
Thank you guys!

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