Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bday Pressie

My birthday is on 28th of Sept
Though it's one month before my birthday
I received 2 pressie^^

One is from my best friend ever during my Uni life
Another one is from my Mom ♥
What is it?

Jeng jeng~~

Mom bought it from HOJB
It's my favourite - CRYSTAL! =D
I've been waited for so long
wait for the promotion period
so that will have 50% off

I had one crystal bracelet once
But i lost it during my Italy trip
forgot to bring it back
Sob sob~
Cause me feel sad for quite long
Because it was a bday present from my friends
I wore it everyday for 2years
and now it's lost!

Here come's the opportunity to get another new one

Pink crystal~
Stone of love and compassion that brings peacefulness
and calm to relationships
That's what i need it now
Had some issues in all sort of relationships lately
I need it to improve my relationship with people around me
Yea..i admit I am

The salesperson told me that
if i'm single then wear it on the right hand
Change to left hand whenever I have a bf
well, that's a new knowledge for me

I wear it on Right hand! *wink*
But i still prefer the previous one
The color suits me more
>.< Anyway,
I still love this pressie given by my mom
Billion of thanks to my Mom

Hugs and kisses^^


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Jayce said...

Hey Hey Bao Beii...Happy Belated Birthday a!!!Forgive me for my late...Hahaha

Jessyca said...

hihi~ buaya Jess crawl over ur blog and wish u a very Happy Birthday : )

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