Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Luckiest Day Ever!

Yes yes yes~
I think today is my luckiest day ever

Finally i get myself a job!


Finally..At last!

I received a call this noon
It's a notification for me
that the company has accepted my job application
As medical sales executive
at UWC Healthcare Sdn Bhd

After being jobless for so long,
i'm back to working life again
Involve in sales line is always not my first choice
except for medical sales

It's not easy to find a job for medical sales
But i still prefer this field
Maybe is get influenced by my father
because he's working in this field too
However, his company in pharmaceutical
and my company is on medical equipment

Headquarter based in Johor
The area that i need to cover is Seremban and Malacca
Same area with my dad
and my bro is working there too

Thanks to God,
i pray hard everyday
and God listen to me
i get a job now!

Full of joy at this moment
Can't wait to share with everyone my excitement =p


theeggyolks said...

Congratz and good luck in your new job :D

DIONNE said...

congratz babe <3
good luck!! hehe

Jayce said...

COngraz a...So you have to go Malacca always??

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