Monday, August 2, 2010

Trip To Italy - Pisa

Well well well
Let's continue to my Italy trip
For someone who hasn't read my previous post
Pls kindly click this link

2nd day
Woke up early for breakfast that day
and say goodbye to H10 Hotel
I'll miss this hotel

Flowers outside the hotel
It's in pink!

Our journey continued...
Need to travel there for few hours as we stayed at outskirt
Beautiful landscape fly beside us
Scene by scene
But most of the people in bus
did not take this as a good opportunity
to have a good look at the beautiful Italy
Because of JET LAG!

Bus stopped by here
For us to rest for 15minutes
Seriously, i love Italy sooo much
Love everything there!
It's like a supermarket
You can get everything inside
You may have your cappuccino
and rest for a while before continue your long journey

Saliva dripping when saw this
It looks delicious huh =p

Oh ya
something to share with my readers
Ferrero Garden
Lemon flavor if not mistaken
which you can't get any in Malaysia =)
Back to topic,
Finally reached Square of Miracles
a wide, walled area at the heart of the city of Pisa

Before visit the Leaning Tower,
All of us were starved to death
So went for lunch first
in this small restaurant's backyard
I love the feeling
it's so warm and romantic to have lunch at this kind of place
Tried to captured the restaurant with different view
You won't feel hot to sit outside
But in Malaysia, you'll melt like an ice if sit here for lunch
That's the other point why i love Italy very much
As always,
There always bread provided in every meal
People who love soft bread would never wanna try this
Because it's too hard

The special spice
It'll boost the taste of Spaghetti to the maxx
Spaghetti again
This is different from the first day one
Different places will have different kind of spaghetti
This is a bit hard and without any other source
Add in a lil spice will do =)
The main course
Pork chop
the dessert!
Which i love it the most
They are good in making desserts
Some of the random pics

Here's the famous Leaning Tower!
Not leaning?

Well let's have a look from this angle
Then u may spot it's actually leaning
Cool right?

A MUST pose for people who visits there =p
It's like you're pushing the tower down

Another funny view
Click to enlarge the pic to have a clear look ya =D
Prove that we've been there before

Not much photos for the 2nd day
due to some of the photos are still with my cousin =)
Next post,
I'll introduce u guys FLORENCE! =D


Jayce said...

Leaning abit bit...All the photos looked very PRO a...When can have photo shooting session with me??Hahaha

D' Memory Palace said...

really pro meh??
i'm still learning ar..had two photo shooting session with my bro already
but haven't upload any of the photos yet =p

Jayce said...

Upload na...Want see your skill~Hahaha

D' Memory Palace said...

Haha..don't want na~
Cos my skill suxks lo =p
Paiseh to show u

Azli Razali said...

nice u aly had fun in italy

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