Saturday, April 17, 2010


For those who did notice my fb status
I've given up the opportunity to work in PC Fair
Awww =(

I was finding n finding part time jobs before this
eager to earn some pocket money
Sent out so many resume or profile
Still the same
Didn't get any feedback

But one day,
i received a call from my friend
Guess what
he offered me a job!
I was so excited that time
Finally i get a job
Yess! and it's a job to work in PC fair
the job that i crave for so long >.<

This is not the main part
the most important is the salary RM150per day
work 3days will be RM450
at least i can earn some money for my Italy trip next month

Unfortunately i'm not able work in PC fair
(16th-18th April )
i gave up this good opportunity for my dear =D
Because today,17th is a special day
A special day for me and him

It's our 1st anniversary

I choose to accompany my bf rather than my friend
i actually feel guilty about that
feel sorry to my friend
he offered me a job
but i declined him last minute
he must be hating me now =(
well hope he will read my blog
wish that he will accept my apology

i'm still searching for part time jobs
Can anyone recommend me some jobs
Thanks ^^

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风之谷 said...

if me..i will take that

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