Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sweet Moment With Dear ♥

Didn't update my bloggie for 3 days
oh god
miss my blog so so much

Where I've been for these 3 days?
Well, i spent the 3days with my dear
Sticked with him everyday
Sweet moment between me and him

1st of April

Dear's father wanna go to A'Famosa
they own an apartment there
and Someone wanted to rent it
so we went to A'Famosa in the early morning

Their apartment
kinda big and very cozy ^^
just rent for RM1.2k
with 3rooms and fully furnished

View from the balcony
Golf field in front with a lake
Surrounded by so many trees
When wind blow, you can hear the leaves n grass dancing along
Aww..what a relaxing place =)

It's my dear sweeping the floor
We spent the whole day in that apartment
Tiring day that i had

2nd of April

Went to watch movie with my dear

Before the movie
Me and dear went to Oldtown for breakfast
I have to say
This is my first time having their breakfast set

Half boiled Egg

Kaya Butter Toast
Really happy to spent my time with my dear

Candid shot from dear =)

"Clash of the Titans"
It's the remake of film with the same name in 1981
from the Greek myth
Wow..that's really long ago =p

The God, Zues created human
Love from human towards god
will make gods stronger and immortal
But, things changed
Human started not to pray to God
They dun love God anymore

Zues felt threatened
and so listened to his brother, Hades's suggestion
Released the Kraken to teach human a lesson
There's the only person who can save human from that
Persues, the semigod
also son of Zues
He lead an amy with few person to the forbidden world
deal with fearful creatures

I rated this movie 6/10
It's just ok but not really nice
graphic not bad
but i expect this movie to be longer
not just 1 hour and 40mins

Those who haven't watch this movie
don't hesitate to go n watch *wink*

Photo of the day ♥


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clash of the titans ,最近也刚看,很不错。

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