Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Movie Day with My Love ♥

Another day that i spent with my ♥
Movie day

Been waiting for this movie since long ago
I got the chance to watch it
"How To Train Your Dragon"

Nowadays me and my dear used to watch movie
in the early morning
consider as early bird
So can get cheaper tickets

Had our breakfast before movie
No more Oldtown this time
so we headed to Jusco's food court
This is my breakfast
my lovely Sushi♥

My dear

Movie time

I love to watch cartoon
addicted to it ♥
What a nice movie
How to Train Your Dragon

i know it's abit too late to watch this
but who cares XD

A Viking boy, Hiccup
who was born to be different from other Vikings
Vikings are strong and muscular
have the strong ability to fight against dragons
But Hiccup is thin and small

His life change after he meet a myterious dragon
Night Fury
a dragon who no one seen it before
its speed is too fast
super uber dangerous species

He changed the Vikings mind
not to kill dragons anymore
dragon will attack them is to protect itself
People started to be friend with dragons
and their life become peaceful

I rate this movie
love this movie too much
wanted to watch it again!
night fury is SoOooo CUTE
can't help myself

Next movie!
want to watch Ice Kacang Puppy Love
but dunno whether nice or not
haven't get any feedback yet

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