Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Dream can be nice
can be romantic
can be scary
can be horrible

Now i know another thing about dream

Dream also can be exhausting
I used to dream every time i sleep
and it continued for 2 weeks
every single day and every time i sleep!
I'm totally exhausted
it caused me didn't have good sleep
and headache almost everyday
oh my

People always ask me the same question
" What kind of dream u had"

every time also different dream

The dream that i had recently
is the most ridiculous
Ok, this is how the dream look like

Shall i start this story with "Once upon a time"

My mom and i went to Japan for a trip
and both of us were shopping crazily in the big city
City with many high buildings
crowded with so many people
earth started to shake

OS in my head
" Oh crap! is it earthquake?! >.< " But it's not i can hear the footsteps so loud "thum...thum..thum"
it's like something huge walking in the city

People ran quickly
Some ran and hide into the shops
Everyone is panic!
I pulled my mom n hide in a corner
I peeped

Guess what
ultraman fighting with a monster

it's something similar to this photo
but it take place in a city!

I still take my camera to capture their photos

When i wake up and think back
i was like
what kind of dream is it
Crap!Totally crap!!
I told few person about this
and i get the same response


Will you be the same as them?


msKEXIN said...

dar at first i thought it would be earth quake.
LOL..it is a nice dream.
at least can have a great shopping trip at japan =]
miss u so much here

Lita~bubblezz said...

waa..i wish i had funny dream like you..hahahhaha..
i really got trouble with my dreams these days..
i often dreamt someone chase me to murder me..i got some different background,setting, n version of stories in every dream..
feels like starring in action movie..lol
next time dream something funny again sis..
sleep well ya^^

Anonymous said...

Very funny dream you have there...lols

D' Memory Palace said...

Kexin: haha!yea yea..what a funny dream i had =p how come dar not using blogspot anymore?
Lita: hmm bout ur dream..mayb ure too stress..tat's why will dream of someone chasing you
Anonymous: hmm may i know who are u?^^

MY said...

my last dream was bout world war 1
n my 2 teeth was spoilt
i oso dunnoe y my teeth will spoilt
funny rite ?

Lita~bubblezz said...

dreaming is always feels like watching a movie with us as the main role..

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