Monday, April 12, 2010

Ching Ming Fest

Pretty lazy to update my blog these days
Too tired >.<
Yesterday was a tiring day for me
slept late on saturday night and woke up early in the morning, 5.30am
Went to pray for my great grandfather and great grandmother
It's Ching Ming
ar..a day for us to pray our ancestors
Well my family used to pray one week later than the actual Ching Ming
Avoid traffic jam
smart huh? =p
LOL Every year, we will pray my great grandfather first
the graveyard is kinda far away from my city
away from town,rural area
A greeny place with lots of trees and paddy field
A place where you can see mist everywhere in the early morning
even from the road like this!

Ok, this is how i look that day
look so aunty..LOL

and here is the graveyard
We have to climb way up to the hill
and with no staircase o.O

This is the only path

Halfway to my g.grandpa's grave

I made it!
finally made to the top
Can u imagine how high is it?

Some random pics
Flowers for g.grandpa

My great grandpa's grave
my dad told me that
the age of this grave is nearly 60years


Everyone started to clean up the grave
Clear all those weeds
and put candles all around the grave

Then, started to pray him

The 'money' for great grandfather

and a house

Burnt it
so that great grandfather can receive it

Another pic
captured by my younger bro =)

Headed to my great grandmother's graveyard

Located at Sendayang

The weather is so hot
although it's just 9am in the morning
oh my~keep on sweating
luckily i wore long sleeve n long jeans tat day
if not will get sunburnt =p

Great grandmother's grave
Burried in year 1990

Something interesting to share
Spot it? =D
can't see it?

Well maybe this


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