Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Do u Believe This?

Woke up early morning today
Because have to go a place name Linggi
Oh..i was so sleepy throughout the journey
Slept late last night

Want to know where i went this morning?

Ok, actually i went to a temple located in Linggi


how to explain this...

There's one folkway among Chinese
People can communicate with someone who is already dead
They can invite the spirit from the hell
Of course, we can't do it ourselves
But with the help of a messenger
Think most of you heard bout this before
In Cantonese we called this as "man mai"问米

This is the 2nd time my grandmother n mom came to this place

The road is so so narrow

Finally reached that place after a long journey ><
The shabby temple

Before start the thing,
we have to prepare an egg and some rice
Just like the following pic
Communicate with one person, one plate
Mom told me that this sifu is very famous
People even come from KL
just to want that sifu to be the messenger

After about half an hour
Our turn!
My heart beats so fast
because this is my first time been here
dun have idea what will happen later
The messenger is a SHE
We gave her my grandfather's name, age
and the place where he was burried

Wait...wait..and wait...
Clock ticks..

It's my grandfather
He talked through the messenger
The feeling is so strong's him!
I know is my grandfather
I know him well
He's the one who used to fetch me to school or tuition last time

I miss him

Once i heard him talked
I feel like crying
But i forced myself not to

He talked to my grandmother
asked her to take care of herself
and don't miss him too much
he's around with us
he's watching us n blessing us!

Grandmother cried
Awww =(
Can't stand it anymore
I really miss him
sob sob do you believe in this?
People in this century not that superstitious anymore
Most of them don't believe in this
They don't believe that they actually can communicate
with someone who already dead
They don't think it's true
It's all a lie

But i believe in this


MY said...

i believe dat my dear
dun worry
cheers up
ur grandpa will bless u all
smile ya =)

D' Memory Palace said...

en en
thanks dear ^^

Anonymous said...

can i know the place,Linggi??got tel no?thanks..

Anonymous said...

got phone number?

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