Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gloomy, Depress, Sad

My quote for today
"A Brand New Day"

Suppose to be happy for a new day
Fresh air after the rain
Fog in the early morning
You can see dew on leaves

there's a storm in my world
Only my world
Everything changed
No fresh air, no fog
it turned to a storm

Dark clouds everywhere in my world
Thunder, lightning
and i felt like im in the middle of ocean
Nothing around me
but a plank for me to hold on

my life has nothing except for the plank
the board is my everything!
but i don't want my life to be like this
I don't like dull life
How good if i can have other thing together in my life
not just only one board that make me survive in the ocean

But it wont be real
My life ain't colourful enough
I'm not happy with this kind of life
I can't give up on the plank
like i said, the board is my everything
Should i give up my dream for the only board?
Maybe i should..
Just let it be....


ohmywtf said...

awww..take care ya! :-)

Lita~bubblezz said...

when u feel there's nothing more u can do just laugh sis..
i've been so depressed recently..
n laugh is the best medicine..^^

Kelvin said...

U need a channel to relieve ur sadness and stress...

D' Memory Palace said...

Ohmywtf: i will..thanks =)
Lita: laugh?hmm dun think it really can cure the sadness well =p
Kelvin: yea.. a channel n im thinking what it will be ><

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