Sunday, April 4, 2010

Blood-sucking Preferences for Mosquitoes?

Today's topic is gonna be around mosquitoes
Kinda boring
but it is some knowledge that i want to share
Do mosquitoes have blood-sucking preferences?
the answer will be YES

Some people will always bite by mosquitoes while some not
hmm that's weird right
When i was a kid, friends used to say this to me
" you're blood is too it attracts mosquitoes to bite you"
haha! how naive was that =p

Here's the answer i can get
after i searched it online
some of you may already know about this

People with high concentration of steroid or cholesterol on their skin surface
will attract mosquitoes
they will become mosquitoes' lover
Other than that,
mosquitoes also target on people who produce excess amount of certain acids
such as uric acid

Oh ya
any of carbon dioxide will attract mosquitoes too
People who tend to give off more CO2
beware of that *wink*
Especially after sports, we will produce more CO2

pregnant women often be mosquitoes' target too
they produce a greater than normal amount of exhaled CO2
Another point,
Heat and movement also draw them closer to you

So after reading all these,
Are you a mosquitoes magnet?

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