Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mom ♥

Mom is the greatest woman in the world
Without her, without us
She's the one who born us
take care of us all the time
from we're still a adult

When we're a kid
Mom always teach us what are right and what are wrong
She will even scold us when we did the wrong thing
she just want her child learn to be a good human
with good personality

She will made the meal for us
meal with healthy food
Not fast food such as KFC, Pizza Hut
She wants her kid to grow up healthily

When we grown as a teenager
She will send us for tuition
No matter how hard her life is
She still insist to send us to tuition classes
But sometimes we don't like it
we even lie to her that class has been canceled
Just to skip those boring tuition classes
So naughty

Mom even get worried when we start our college life
Most of us will move out to the place which nearer to college
Mom worried everyday
Keep wondering whether you take ur meal on time
Mom will nag when we sleep late
This is what teenagers' lifestyle
She says this is not good for health
wants us to sleep early

Thing will get worse if we go out late nite with friends
Mom will keep nagging beside us
She just worry bout our safety
But what do we think?
We just feel tat mom become so annoying
Since when she love to nag alot

And so
We used to quarrel with mom
This breaks her heart alot
She even will cry behind us
But who will know bout her feeling?
No one!

Time pass
Wrinkles start to grow on her skin
Her hair start to become white
Mom is no longer nagging
not that she doesn't care about you
It's she don't have the strength to nag
no matter how old she is
She still will care about her kids

She can't walk that fast as before
Not that healthy anymore
She even need a crutch
we'll realise that how fragile is our mom
She's just like a glass
Will crack into pieces if we din handle with care

And now
We will start to regret for what we did last time
all those bad things happened
bad words that come out from our mouth which hurt her alot
We didn't appreciate our mom last time

So people,
please appreciate our mother
take good care of her
Don't lose temper easily to them
It's our responsibility to be filial
Appreciate before too late

I ♥ my mom =)


My Story~My Life said...


风之谷 said...

I love your mom~^.^

Lita~bubblezz said...

ur post make me miss my mom..

D' Memory Palace said...

CaiQing: 哈哈 真的有感动到吗? 我用英文写有点怪怪的=p
Henry: come is love my mom but not urs?
Lita: haha..give her a call if u miss her XD

Lita~bubblezz said...

haha yea i have..
but dont only write about mom..
dad also very precious like mom..^^

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