Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Specially to my MOM

It's raining outside
Dark clouds everywhere
Just like my mood now

Had a big fight with my mom just now
For my job

As your information, i fired my former boss
So i'm currently jobless
what i can do everyday is
eat, read, watch, and sleep
All those are my daily routine now

Dad started to complain
Said i shouldn't resigned the job before i get myself another new one
at least earn some money first
another thing is
if i keep on like this (sit at home everyday)
sure i will become lazy
and refuse to work in the future
Dad gave mom pressure

So mom talked to me just now
Keep nagging there
asked me better start to find myself a job
blah blah blah

I was listening
Slowly, i can't stand it anymore
i wish to get myself a job now
i search it online everyday!
But due to some circumstances
I still can't get a new job
Cos i'm goin to italy next month
For 10 days!

Which company is willing to hire a worker
who just started to work
and about to take almost 2 weeks leave?!
my parent already know about this
but how come still want to nag about this problem?
I was pissed off
and lost my temper on my mom

I said out many harsh words
By the time i said those harsh words
my tears fall imediately

I cried not because of what mom said
is because of what i've said
what i said to my mom
those harsh words
it hurt my mom's feeling badly
I was so guilty

I'm so sorry mom
Sob sob~
i don't wish to hurt you
i hope that this will not happen again
i will try to hold back my temper

I dunno how to apologize to her face-to-face
so i choose to write this post
i love you mom
and once again


风之谷 said...

guai~ gor gor sayanag~

sally said...

ermm...sumtime i oso quarrel wit my mum..if u felt really sry juz say out wat ur heart tinking..mayb is hard bt at least u try...if nt ur realationship wil turn..gud luck..

D' Memory Palace said...

Henry: en..thanks gor ^^ im ok now..hehe
Sally: hmm it's hard for me to apologize face-to-face cos i'm a introvert person..anyway..thanks for ur comment ^^

みやこ said...

sometime i will too~
then regret when think back
sometime parents will like this
my mum also like this
bt i tried my best to ignore her
until quarrel ><
i know you can do it ^_^

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