Friday, April 9, 2010

Earth is Having FEVER!

Saw so many people in FB keep complaining

"Omg..the weather is so so HOT!"
"How come the weather is so hot!Can't stand it anymore"
" Sigh..When will the rain fall?"

The most funniest one is
"I wish to live in the refrigerator "

People in the world started to feel the effect
Our earth is having a fever!
Temperature is rising
Drought happened in many countries
Especially in China
Many province suffered from the drought
such as Yunnan, GuangXi, GuiZhou and SiChuan

The worst drought ever in history
No water, No rain
Crop died because of drought
People suffered because lack of water

Kids are asking for water pity >.< They even take the dirty water from drain to drink
Can u imagine how people was forced to drink those dirty water
Just to survive from this drought
Oh my god!
Heart break to see this

This is all the effect of global warming
Even in Malaysia we also can feel the effect
the climate changes of temperature
Super uber HOT
Everyone is shouting out there

How come no one think about what caused this?
Why will this happened?
I always see people complaining about the weather
but not saying please do something to save our earth

It's humans who caused our earth Mother fever
the effect of greenhouse gasses emitted by humans
The factory, vehicles and electricity productions

Here's some predictions
6 Degrees Could Change Our World

  • At 2ºC higher
- Greenland's glaciers and some of the lower lying islands begin to disappear.
  • At 3ºC higher
- Ice would no longer be found in the Arctic during the summer month
-the Amazon rainforest would suffer a devastating drought, and extreme weather patterns would become frequent.
  • At 4ºC higher
- Oceans rise dramatically causing extreme flooding.
  • At 5ºC higher
- What scientists call the "twilight zone" of climate change, temperate regions could become uninhabitable, leading humans to battle each other for the world's dwindling resources.
  • At 6ºC higher
- Scientists call this the "doomsday scenario" because oceans become marine wastelands, deserts expand and catastrophic events become commonplace.

Stand up people!
It's time to for us to save the earth
Save it for generation in future
We're the only doctor who can cure the earth =)

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