Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interview interview

As you can see,
my blog is dead for so long
A week i think

I miss my bloggie so much

Actually i'm suppose to enjoy my holiday first
before i get myself a new job
But, i had few calls for interview
Good news huh?
I had few calls but i just went for one interview last Wednesday
In the case, i don't have much time for interview now

I applied for the Management Trainee
From what my friend told me about this position
Rotate to all department every single month for 12months
After 12months,
choose the department that suits you the most
So, i expect this company will be the same

Date: 20th of May, 2010
Time: 11.30am
Venue: X-treme Dimensions Sdn Bhd

The company is located at Menara Yayasan
right beside Amcorp Mall
very easy to look for it
This is the building
I was half an hour earlier
Now i realize that i always reach half an hour earlier for interview
What a good habit

Went in the lift
9th Floor~
Once i stepped in the company
i was shocked
i was like in a club


They turned on the speaker loudly just like in club
and i heard latest english songs
i even heard pitbull's song
First time i saw a company in this kind of condition

Their application form

How was my interview that day?
I can say.. EXCELLENT!
i wasn't nervous at all
Maybe need to thanks to the director, Tim
it's like talking to a friend rather than an interview
no stress, no nervous at all
i had confident during that interview

He said he has to shortlist the candidates first
then will give me a call for the 2nd interview
if i am chosen
i was a bit disappointed for the company
Their management trainee is to do sales
have to involve in sales and marketing
as their company is a outsourcing company
After a certain period then only will promote u to the management team

My main point to apply for Management Trainee
ain't not only involve in sales and marketing
but all different department

Oh ya,
a good news to share with my readers
I was shortlisted for the 2nd interview


ravishingpeacock said...

huhu...even if hate sales & marketing, i'd luv 2 wish u all d best =)

jfook said...

Wow, congrates. And all the best!

v!vi@n said...

all the best!!!

kenwooi said...

it's nice if the interview goes well..
all the best =)

Lita~bubblezz said...

good luck sis..

D' Memory Palace said...

thank you guys =)

winter gurl said...

Congrat and all d best

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