Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hair Rubber Band Made of CONDOM!

China is famous of counterfeit goods
As we know
from branded handbag to handphone
Most of them are counterfeit goods
Even the beer or egg!
Also the same
They produce egg with all chemical substances
that will bring harm to human's body
Wicked businessmen

Here's another breaking news from China
What is this time?


Can you imagine the rubber band that you use everyday
is actually made of condom?!

What the hell

This case happened mostly in HK and China
the price of this rubber band is slightly cheaper than the other rubber band
but the quality is very bad
because it's made of condom

Those condoms that already expired or with bad quality
will be take it to create the hair rubber band
Some of the condoms are used before
OH my...

How wicked
Ladies who use hair rubber band which made from condom
have the possibility to get AIDS

Why those unethical businessman
never think of other people
what they want is only money
want to earn more
then choose to use material that is cheaper to produce their products
They don't care about consumer's health

Businessman without conscience must beware
God will know what you did!
Stop producing counterfeit goods that will bring harm to human!


Hanyi said...

These condoms are unused right?So should be okay in term of AIDS...If they use rejected or expired condom to modify into hair band...I feel they are good in recycle...Hahaha My opinion only la~

D' Memory Palace said...

some of the condom are used before
i read that article
One of the ladies found out that the condom still have lil bit of the sperm

Hanyi said...

Ha!!!Really o???

Brad Hogg said...

Much thanks for this valuable article. I like it. condom

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