Monday, May 10, 2010

Is this a safe place to work?

Like i mentioned in my previous post
I got an interview
Many of my friends asked me
"How was your interview?"
Hmm sorry for ignoring the question

So, now let me answer your question here

6th of May, Thursday
Had my interview on that morning 10am
Due to the company is located in Puchong
me and dear departed early in the morning
to avoid traffic jam or else will late for my interview

My things for interview
CV, some notes about the company and map

On the way to Puchong
Terrible traffic jam ahead
Wonder why there's always have traffic jam in that area
every morning..noon..and evening

When reached Taman Perindustrian Puchong
only i realized that it's full of factories in that area

I even saw Gardenia's factory there
Hmm.. so is this a safe place to work
I mean work in the industries area where so many foreign labors

We were closed to the final destination
The road where ELBS Corporation Sdn Bhd is located
you can see the compound surrounded by trees
Shady place

And finally
The place where i went for interview

Looked at my watch
Wow..I'm half an hour earlier

Captured a few photos of the office
while i was waiting for the interviewer to reach
Not a very big office
No one in the office
except for an indian girl and another guy from Bangladesh

Oh my~
How come it's so empty in this office
No other workers
Means they are short of manpower

My OL look

To be honest, i was not nervous during that day
Because it's not a big company
so i think that i'm able to handle it

When time ticked to 10am
Interviewer is not in the office yet
Waited patiently...

At last, it's my time for interview
Just a few common questions for me

  1. Briefly introduce yourself
  2. Your working experience
  3. Reason for quitting the previous company
  4. Your strength and weaknesses
  5. Expected Salary
In conclusion,
They asked me to wait for the call
They will call me for the 2nd interview if im chosen
A few candidates for them to shortlist

Special thanks to my lovely dear
He was the one who woke up early
and accompany me to the company for interview
Thanks alot dear ♥

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Hanyi said...

So pretty girl go anywhere also dangerous lo!!hahaha...As long as someone fetch you in and out, I guess should be no problem a~

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