Saturday, May 1, 2010


Yesterday morning
i received a call
and i was still sleeping by that time

Here's the conversation

"Hello..may i speak to Yvonne Gan"
"Oh...yes speaking.."

【still blur by that time 】
my mind keep wondering who's calling me early in the morning
n speak in english

"I'm calling from ELBS. Do you apply for the management trainee?"

" Ah..yes.."

" Do you free to come for interview? "


"Next monday..10am"

" sorry..i'm not free by that day"

" about thur morning?"

" Thur morning...sure.. I'm free that day"

" confirm is thur morning 6th of May?"


" Ok thanks..If anything u wanna ask, you may call back..I'm xxxx"

" Sure..thanks alot" you can see
i finally got my first interview
I applied for Management Trainee

ELBS Corporation Sdn Bhd
Anyone of you know about this company?
I have no idea at all

Read some info about this company
They are specialised in hosieries, foot comfort products,
seamless inner garments, and body shaping garments

But, the company is in Puchong
Puchong again..
The previous job also in puchong

Well hope i can do well in that interview next week
Pray hard for myself


Mr. Definite said...

Good luck to you! Don't worry everything's gonna be okay!

iEz and Mr.Tipso said...

Ya!!! Gambatee!! Yvonne Gan the Management Trainee of ELBS Corporation Sdn Bhd!! hehe~ i bet they will hire u~

xiaobai said...


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