Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Outing With Cousin

it's been a while i never hang out
neither cousins nor friends
Finally, i had the chance to hang out with my cousin
Felt great and excited towards that day

I went back to my hometown, Seremban
and met her at Jusco Seremban2
A place that i don't like to go
But that's the only place that i can get my things from
Seriously, i don't like Jusco
Such a boring place to hang out

Walked around Jusco
tried to find the thing which i want to give to my mom
as Mother's Day present
Tehee =D

Those who read my blog
surely will know what i bought for my mom
If you have no idea
Kindly read this post *wink*
Mother's Day

After bought thing that i want
Me and my cousin went to have our lunch
Hungry hungry...
Due to other restaurant were full of people
We choosed this!
Similar to KimGary

The menu

My favourite drink
Honey lemon

Chicken cheese baked rice

Look at the cheese
Aww..love it =D
Looks delicious huh?
i felt disappointed after tasted it
not that tasty as its appearance
I still prefer KimGary

Ladies and gentleman,
here I introduce you my cousin!
Pretty girl
Hiak hiak hiak =p

Although it's tiring to hang out
i enjoyed a lot that day
Thanks to my cousin who willing to accompany me
I really miss the moment hang out with relatives
Awww..where are the rest of them?
Find me when you're free ya!

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