Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day

Oh gosh
kinda left behind recently
I have many post to update
Before it get let, i will have a short update
about Mother's Day

Mother's Day for year 2010!
A day to appreciate our mother,
the greatest woman in earth
but i think we should cherish our mom everyday
Not only during Mother's day

Usually people will have family dinner during that day
So as my family
Before mother's day
i bought my mom a handbag
I was wondering to buy her a necklace or a ring
Suddenly i think of handbag
Her handbag spoiled few days ago
Hiak hiak hiak~
Here come's the chance

The bag which i bought to my mom
So reddish
But my mom loves it so much
it's because she's a loyal fans of RED

During Mother's Day,
Every family will choose to go restaurant rather than fast food for dinner
Due to this reason, most of the restaurants were crowded with ppl
Everyone was waiting for their food to be served
My family is different
We went to KFC for dinner!

That's my mom
Sitting beside me =)

Pretty mom
I captured this while waiting for my father to bring us food
I ♥ this pic~

Dinner time
Looks yummy right?

Well that's my brother and my dad ♥

A simple dinner we had that night
But i feel very satisfied
Happy Mother's day, mom!

My mom complained that she's not photogenic
That's why always refuse to take picture with me
I have to say
“ Mom..U always look pretty in my heart”

Oh we look alike?
I received many comments that said
me and my mom look alike
HAHA~ feel happy for that =p

Lastly, took this photo of my mom today
Using my Canon Dslr
Love this pic to the maxx =D

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