Friday, May 28, 2010

Italy..I'm Coming!!


Finally, after a long wait
my dream trip to Italy is so near to me
I'm going to Italy tomorrow!


What's my mood now?
Extremely excited, joyful
can't wait for it anymore

I have to thanks to my dad ♥
He bought me a pair of converse shoe
just for this trip
He wants me to wear comfortable shoes to trip
This is his first time offering himself to buy my shoes sweet ^^

Thank you daddy~

Another thanks to my Mom ♥
She helped me and daddy to pack our luggage
A big hug to both of them ^^

Here I come~~~~

Hey peeps,
i'll be back on 7th of June
Miss you guys
Chuu ♥


Vin Tsen Gan said...

I wanna go Italy also! XD Enjoy your trip! =)

kenwooi said...

wow italy! i missed that when i was in europe!
enjoy yourself! =D

v!vi@n said...

so nice...enjoy urself ya^^

jfook said...

Wow, enjoy yourself yeah!!

Jack Ng said...

wow ....... nice ehh ..... happy happy , wish u have a great trip :D

Nina Nurziana said...

italy...? wow!!

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